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Moondust and Me is the inspirational love child born out of our belief that the inner will never fail to light a clear path of least resistance, so trust it.

Every passing day we arise and clearly choose adornments of all types in hopes we can accurately reflect our inner voices outwardly. Articles of adornment are arguably the most personal and intimate possessions we own. 

Pieces that strengthen our identity, first within and then without. How and what we choose to slip into emanate vibrations of never-ending remembrance to align all aspects of ourselves with bliss, compassion and love.

In cherishing materials that empower you towards the  journey of your best self, we honor the need to use the highest quality recycled metals, conflict free stones and crystals because ultimately these elements gently kiss our skin for hours upon hours each day.

From Moon to Moon we grow, expand and embrace each multifaceted part of our lives. The magic is this transformation looks different for us all.

Your relationship with each sacred piece is unique, fluid & personal.

It is our deepest desire that our healing talismans hold a powerful affirmation about who you are constantly becoming.