Lite Code Medicinal Markings

What is a Lite Code Medicinal Marking?

Lite Code Medicinal Markings were born from the ether of our ever evolving and flowing unitive consciousness. An energy healing session resulting in a tattoo adornment, they are imprinted into the wearers skin through an ancient technique of hand-poking. Each design is channeled, unique and one of a kind to mirror the exact healing properties the wearer is in search for.


What are Lite Codes?

In essence, lite codes are a Universal language of the soul. Each one of us carries within us the ability to feel into the other. The soul speaks a language of love, which over time has been hidden away. By merging these codes into the design of the Medicinal Marking, we activate an incredibly deep awakening and restoration to the self you were before you forgot. These lite codes are channeled through me but are called in by our meeting & time spent together before finalizing the design.


 What is hand-poking?

Hand poking is the most ancient way we currently know of tattooing today. Our ancestors have been adorning themselves since the beginning of time for eternal reasons, to show which tribe they belonged to, to send messages without words, to access Divine favor and simply to call forth their innate beauty. Hand poking is an incredibly gentle and focused way of placing the inking just beneath the skin. Many say the pain is less than that of a traditional tattoo, but of course each person is different. Allow yourself to ease into the present moment & the construct of pain itself falls away.

Are the results permanent?

Yes, Medicinal Markings wear & last just as long as a machine tattoo. They are with you for life.Sometimes your marking may need a touch up, each session comes with 1 gifted touch up session that can be received 3-12 months after the initial session.

What kind of ink is used?

I use only vegan & organic black tattoo ink that has been charged with the love frequency of 528hz. This frequency allows us to return back to our creative & whole unity consciousness.

Where are you located?

Home Base sessions are currently in Southern CA.


What can I expect in our session?

Each session is so vastly different, but what you can expect is a space to come & be as you are. During our time together we explore the crumbs that led you to receiving this medicine. I call it medicine because they are more than a physical tattoo, but a deep clearing of stagnant energy that allow your full & complete self to emerge once again. Through our time together, I receive intuitive messages for your design, incorporating lite codes & the highest vibrational placement of the marking. Through this collaborative process, we arrive at a place where you feel completely at ease and inspired to carry this with you for the rest of this life. Each session is typically 3-4 hours depending on the intricacy & size of your design. Our consultation lives within the first hour.

What is the physical healing process like?

Because of the gentle nature of hand poking, Markings are typically healed within 5-7 days. You will receive full aftercare instructions with each visit.

I would love to book with you, how?

You can find all booking information under the tab ‘Book A Session’

Are you licensed?

Yes, I am a fully licensed tattoo artist in the state of CA

What is the energy exchange?

Energy Exchange: I work on an hourly rate. I’ve found this is what best works for myself and clients to have an incredibly enjoyable experience.

$122/hour min 2 hour but the average session is around 3-4 hours.

A deposit of $55 will be made to hold your session & will go towards the final exchange of your Medicinal Marking tattoo session. See the full cancelation policy here

How will I feel afterwards?

This method of energy healing is like nothing I have ever experienced. Each client has expressed a deep shift in their internal energy, a sense of release and freedom from carrying the weight of past unneeded memories. They have shared with me a feeling of rebirth and reinvigoration of their life. The innate ability to merge with the Divinity that sleeps within us all, separately & collectively. Each one of us are so beautifully unique and will gather exactly what we need & leave what is no longer serving us. I truly & deeply believe in the healing power of this modality & it is my honor to humbly share this with you.