Dear Intuition Letters

✧ Ask & It is Given 

Greetings Beautiful Soul!  
Happy Sunday, as we wind down and into the flow of the week ahead let us be intentional about the way we agree to use our energy...

For Me:
The time has come in my journey to be more responsible than I have ever been in my life, with my life. To let go of the days when I would manifest unconsciously. Crossing my fingers, and praying that all would go my way. It has taken a great deal of confidence to make this change but with it, immense transformation in my life has unfolded.  I heard recently that confidence is simply a residual result of competence. So how to do we gain competence? Two ways, hypnosis or repetition. By 7 years old we are pretty much who we are going to be in terms of the beliefs we hold of ourselves and how the world around us moves. Around adulthood, rarely do we undertake risks outside of the padded comfort we've held on to for so long.  After realizing that these false narratives I held under lock & key were no longer serving me, it was time to ask for a Universal shift.

In flowed 'Dear Intuition Letters'. These letters have  allowed me to tap into the truest part of my being. The part of me that knows exactly where we all rode in from and the exact purpose of our stay here. Is there something you are wanting to know? Do you believe that you hold the answers to all of the questions you posses? I believe you do. 

Shine Light:
Shine light on the fact that it is you & only you who has access to the eternal blissful life that is for you. Take full responsibility for consciously leaving that knowing place, so that space may be uncovered to show you the road back home.Show up & do the work! Immense gratitude and hopefulness are waiting for you on the other side, take the leap.

Sacred Setting: 
Grab your favorite crystals  or sacred ornaments that bring you comfort and ease. Sit quietly where you know disturbances will hesitate to find you. With your pen and blank journal page begin writing questions you'd like to discover the answers to for fun. Allow your eyelids to kiss, breath deeply and listen. What is your gut speaking to you? That inner voice, what are they trying to relay to you.  Be incredibly loving and easy with yourself during this process, keep it light and within the realm of your positive light. The mind will want to overtake but simply thank it and inform it you have all under control. 
The more you practice this ritual, you will find that confidence and competence meet you, each one growing because the other is being nurtured. Before long,  your inner voice will be the lamp posts leading you to expose your deepest fears and breakthrough to your highest self.
The power lies in the consistency.

Intuitive Intention:
My deepest intention for you is that this practical and tangible process will remind you of the acute Divine being that lives within you. With all the knowledge of every Universe that has existed, is existing and will come into existence forever more. You are Logos, the energy which manifested the Sun, Moon & the Stars. 
You are the knowing.

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All my love,

*ps if you feel led, send me a note. I would love to hear how you get on with these letters!