You Are Welcome Here

Art: Emma McNally

Art: Emma McNally

     When we believe or say it can happen to others but not us, we buy into the notion of separateness rather than unity. You can’t believe we are all akin if you don’t believe that goodness can happen to you but can simultaneously happen to another. When life's harmony is unfolding for another, are we not always there in spirit? Yes. So in essence abundance is available for all by all. Always believe this for you! It is what will keep you going when doubt, (a residual thought pattern from the past) tries to access its way into your positive momentum. 

     As we enter into the gravitational pull of tonight's New Supermoon, I'm flooded with memories of each step that has lead me to this very moment typing this entry. This leap into Moondust has been one of the most trying & utterly fulfilling experiences Alex and I have undertaken together. We got married 3 years ago within 8 months of meeting each other. Moved to Thailand 2 months after getting married. Had our first child a year later and welcomed our second just a few weeks ago. But making the decision to take fully own and shape the kind of life we wanted has been the most contrast we've absorbed. But if we’ve come this far using our unconventional yet authentic way of being, why would we fall out now?

     Quantum leaps require an immense tolerance & love for failure and fear. The two very things that crack open experiences which transform lives. So as we jump in, feet first into the manifestation of this dream our deepest desire is that it gives endless expressions to you and ourselves that your best life is simply waiting, gently nudging you to come after It. To commit whole heartedly to the fact and truth that you are worth every thought, sketch, idea, painting or song you’ve ever dreamed of and recognizing it is the first step to physically receiving it.