Openness and Floating

✧ Am I here for the experience? ✧

Greetings Family!

Jas asked me to write the newsletter this week and I was both honored and humbled because of  this beautiful community that is forming in its perfect timing. Today I share a tiny bit of what I am practicing and hope you enjoy and find something for your path.

For Me:

I am sitting next to Elisha-Rain journaling while he watches his YouTube videos and the universe pulls me to a journal entry from May 1st. I read literally verbatim a passage that describes exactly how I have been feeling for the last 3 days and  I look at the Elisha-Rain and ask aloud, “did we just go through a time machine bubby?”

It is as if I empty my cup just enough to let  joy, abundance, bliss and love inhabit the space but as the days, weeks, and months go by they are somehow overrun by the same old patterns. So my question is how do I get myself to cup that is empty? The answer comes swift and fast OPENNESS.

I decide to let the anger stay for a little bit to see if openness provides any answers. The question of what do i want from this experience rattles around my head. Awareness comes in and throws out any attachment and thoughts from ego that are not serving me and holds only onto the root of the anger. I am angry because I want to let go of all of it and be free. I am angry because I want to to create new patterns-- my own patterns.

I focus on the breath and repeat, “I am open to this experience and where it wants to take me” and then I explore the whole gamut of emotions. This beautiful play is a simulation and to master it, you have to play it and play the hell out of it. Enjoy and live, love and repeat. These are the things I want for myself. Every moment is an opportunity to be here now as Ram Dass would say.

Shine Light:

Floating as opposed to flying is openness. It is being…. watching the play and asking what’s next. Taking a moment to be awareness to be consciousness. It is to forget your body, your life -- your attachment, it is feeling the stillness of all things being one.

We are here so we might as well take the course.

Sacred Setting:

Write a letter to anything you hate about yourself.

Dear Friend. I know that you suffer a lot. I have not understood enough of your difficulties and suffering. It is not my intention to make you suffer more . It is opposite so please tell me your suffering, your difficulties. I am eager to learn, to understand.

If we are honest and true, our heart will open and we will receive an answer. During this process we learn so much about our own perception

Intuitive Intention:

It is not time or opportunity that is to determine intimacy-- it is disposition alone. It is my greatest hope that all of us find our openness so we can flow and move as there is only unity. Enjoy and live.

All of Me