Akashic Healing Sessions with Jasmine


We often times feel like something is missing or that we are disconnected from ALL that is, but during our time together, your eternal wholeness & goodness will be on display for you to witness. As we walk our live’s path, we encounter experiences that are meant to strengthen our ability to love ourselves & others, bathing in the light of the Akasha will help you to uncover the truth, that you can never be separate from our Source of Creation.

The Akasha, Sanskrit reference for “primary substance”, is a living energetic reservoir which contains every word, feeling, thought, experience and life that has ever been & offers us an incredible amount of wisdom & healing that can be used to heal our current paths.

These sessions, using The Pathway Prayer, will unleash your highest self, that unbreakable soul that exists deep within. As we go on this journey together, we will subtly yet powerfully tap into all knowing. Any questions or uncertainties can be opened up, as your Guides & Loved Ones lift the veil of confusion for you to remember the essence of your Divinity & your true purpose.

Empower yourself to be the person your soul always intended to be.

All sessions will begin with a short meditation to attune ourselves into the present moment before we open the records & channel any and all questions you may have.

During our One-to-One Akashic Reading we can self-heal any or all:

*Barriers holding you back

*Strengthen love & relationships

*Explore you Soul’s purpose, creativity & direction

*Gain clarity on life experiences

*Find Peace, forgiveness & trauma healing of all kinds

* Business & career


After purchase, I will reach out to agree on a date & time to connect. Sessions can be in over the phone, Skype or Facetime

*Recording our sessions are advised for you tune back in anytime you like*

*all sessions purchased are final sale*


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