The core principles of grounded & good.

BE still

This is time spent communing with one other. This is the first aspect of our working together. grounded & good will be sitting still getting to know each aspect of your business (past, present, future), we are slow in our judgement of areas that need change and in areas where changes are desired. We create a space for which your cup is empty so that you can fill it with whatever your highest self wants moving forward.


This is is when slight judgments may come through as we uncover the hidden crevices of where things started to go astray. Most of the healing will occur during this stage and why it is so important for you to be well adjusted in dealing with untruths that have been lived out. By embracing the untruths we are able to excavate and re-root those things that are no longer serving you. This can be a very hard and challenging step but when handled soft and gentle — it is the most freeing.


Fun happens now that all of the gunk has been cleared from the hallways. It is now time to retrieve all that has been worked for and enhance them, we will gloat about ourselves and shine the spotlight on where there have been victories. We want to openly acknowledge your godliness. We look at each idea that has found their host and look at how that process came about. Our job is to see this light and set a flame to the rest of our live. We want you to see yourself as divine because when one good thing is seen it multiplies rapidly.

Crack open

It is time to flea the coupe as they say. Establishing a newness, a new dichotomy, a 5D reprogramming that will allow you to be looked at by others as a gem. This is the early birds worm as our communities flock over instantly seeing this shiny bright thing. The implementation process of this stage restores faith in humanity and also allows you to send a wave back out into the ocean.


This is the feedback portion of the process. This is when we keep tabs on you so you can go into the world and test all that you have learned and work out any kinks that may have been missed. This is a fool proof time.

Let’s connect deeper over a consultation