The Hourly One on One Program

In the One on One guidance hourly program, I am working with clients who are doing a lot of the introspective work themselves but need a safe landing spot to bounce off ideas or another insight as to why things might not be clicking entirely. This offering is for the people who just need a tune-up and restart.

We will go straight to the issue at hand because you are someone who knows yourself and are trying daily to practice consciousness and to take responsibility for the fact that you create your own world. In the hourly program I am helping you to point yourself back inwards because all that you are looking for lies there.

Sometimes we just need someone else to provide a container for us so that we can surrender all that which is holding us hostage. In our collaborations we will find our answers quickly. This program is straight to the point that so we can get you back in alignment towards abundance.

Our meeting format is as follows:

  • (1) on hourly session

  • (2) fifteen min check in conversations

Energy Exchange: To be discussed after consultation USD

Let’s connect deeper over a consultation

The Quarterly One on One Program

The quarterly program is for individuals who know who they are but are not doing what they know is their passion or purpose.

Over the course of 3 months we will look deep into where the Universe has guided you and how those experiences have all been for the betterment of your future. You will understand that there has never been a disjointed moment in your entire career because everything in our lives is stepping stone for the next thing.

The skills, talents and experience that you have are your wisdom. Now, we only need to connect them and create the blueprint that will allow you to reignite the unhindered purpose you were always meant to live.

Our 3 month standing format is as follows:

  • (3) Two Hour Sessions

  • (3) Fifteen Minute Touch Base Sessions

Energy Exchange: To be discussed after consultation

Let’s connect deeper over a consultation

The Full Year One on One Program

The full year program is a comprehensive deep dive into the calling you brought with you when you were born.

Everything that has happened in your career and life provides an intrinsic value to where you are now. The full year program looks at this interconnected journey and showcases the steps and signs along the way that have always been telling you where to go and what to do.

This program is specifically for the person who wants help establishing their inner voice, listening to it, and being disciplined enough to follow through with what it is saying. We all have the wells of innate wisdom, sometimes we just need help accessing them.

The program is a hands on 12 month experience where we meet once a month for 2 hours and engross ourselves in the unfolding of past, present and future. We look at how things are currently working, your past history and put together a patterned timetable of how things have gotten to the place they are currently at and where they are going to go.

We will leave no aspect unearthed because in this that the treasure lies. Over the course of the year we want to create the freedom for you to understand who you are, what your passion is so that you can pursue your highest self with no guilt.

We know where we are going because we know where we don’t want to be. After the end of a year you will see your highest self and how your loftiest ambitions are now possible.

 Our twelve month standing format is as follows:

  • 12 (2) Hour Sessions

  • (12) Fifteen Minute Touch Base Sessions

Energy Exchange: To be discussed after consultation

Let’s connect deeper over a consultation