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grounded & good is a one on one intuitive guidance practice that reminds individuals to put themselves before profit.

I approach business as art. I look at each client as a unique self-expression brought into tangible form. Business is an extension and connection to everything else we do in life. It gives us purpose, meaning and focus. It provides livelihood, solutions and a sense of grounding.

I provide a foundation for you to come, rest, reignite, and access all levels of who you are. We remove the fear, scarcity, and “work to live” mentalities and place them in a supportive role rather than a leadership role. We identify the systems of dysfunction along with their patterns in our programming and replace them with the truth and knowledge, that competency and passion is already within them. You can see more what the practice looks like in

Our Process

I work with entrepreneurs, high level officials, influencers and any individual looking to return themselves to their most natural state--- joy. Each wave is unique. So each plan must be completely different. 

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