Greeting Friends, I’m Alex.

I am honored that you’re here and truly inspired to do this work together. Here is a little about me.

I have spent the last ten years in every single aspect of business that there is. This includes countries, industries, and roles all the while chasing and pursuing the idea that I could do what I love and do it with people that I love.

In the process of finding my purpose, I realized that everything is an interconnection to that purpose. There is no random chance or this “I’m just a byproduct of my environment” mentality. We create our experience. We are all part of one consciousness but to tap into that consciousness requires a knowledge of your self worth and a daily practice that grounds you back into that calling.

Through my own practice and journey of self worth I have found that I have been doing intuitive guiding my entire life. It is the thing that gets me most passionate and the thing that comes to me the easiest. I don’t judge another’s journey because I am the other. Seeing you in me allows me to connect to your story because I see you with no shame or self-righteousness. You are a divine being trying to find your way just like me.

And so l do this work because I have learned much through my own trial and error and realized that while there are always problems, I am always the solution. I can always flip the fear, doubt and anxiety to be the thing that propels me.

Now I want to help you do this for yourself…

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