FAQ Materials & Warranty



What materials are used to create the crystal talismans?

We work incredibly hard to make sure the metals we use are recycled to lesson the impact on our planet. We are proud that all of our gemstones and raw diamonds are government-accredited. They are always ethically and carefully sourced by a trusted gemologist with 20 years of experience. 

14kt Gold- Filled

Gold Fill is a thick layer of 14k solid gold that has been pressure bonded over a metal such as sterling silver. It is regulated and not plated.

24k Gold-Plated

24k Gold-Plated is gold that has been layered over sterling silver. It requires more delicate care in order to enjoy it's long lasting affect. 

925 Sterling Silver

925 Silver is 92.5% silver that has been mixed with another metal in order to keep it durable and long-lasting.



Does Moondust & Me offer a warranty?

Yes! We offer a maintenance and service plan complimentary with every piece ordered. Please email moondustandme@gmail.com for more details if needed.
Our Warranty includes: 
1)  One complimentary chain, clasp, and jump ring repair for the lifetime of the piece.
2) 1 year complimentary accent gemstone/diamond replacement. Warranty does not include replacement of stones larger than 0.50 carat.