S1E8: The Freedom of Being You with Jena Sophia

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Welcome back family!

In this week's episode, I sit down with Jena Sophia to dig deep into her journey as a PSYCH-K facilitator and all around holistic healer. Jena has been practicing alternative modalities of healing for more than 15 years and has such an incredible story. The serendipitous way we connected is a testament to how tuned in she is to Divine source. In this episode we talk

* How Jena used PSYCH-K to counterbalance her PCOS, Endometriosis & Depression

* Her unique upbringing in a meditative family

* Finding an alternative healing to pharmaceuticals

* Her 15+ years of healing modalities helping others

* Figuring out how her energetic blocks manifested her physical ailments

* Breaking down the barriers to linear thinking

* Ancestral Patterning

* My fears of sharing my spiritual gifts

* The PSYCH-K balance Jena gifted me

* How this shifted my perception to share my gifts

* Using this balance to reach immense clarity in minutes

* Announcing my new healing modality!

* Embracing my power & freedom post session

* Speaking Light Language

* Breaking out of the matrix & being you

* Why she's here to serve

* Our Divine right to live life with ease

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all our love

Jena's Instagram- @_jenasophia

Jas' Instagram- @moondustandme

Books Mentioned:

Louise Hay- Heal Your Body