S1E3: Shifting to Conscious Relationships with Alex Verville


Hi friends,

Welcome back to this weeks episode. In this episode, Alex shares his story and the ebbs & flow of our partnership. Some things we delve deep into... *Growing up Christian
*Overcoming the ego’s past stories
*Conscious Partnership as a spiritual practice *What Alex looks for in a conscious relationship *Setting boundaries early in the relationship *Why Deep Open communication accelerated our connection
*Honoring the past as part of your journey
*Why showing your raw, real self is the only way forward
*The most priceless gift you can give your partner *What we humbly learned from one another
*How being in an interracial relationship expanded his consciousness *Raising biracial children as a white man
*Understanding Racism *Taking responsibility & apologizing to transform ALL relationships *Holding one another accountable •

Let us know how you get on! We absolutely love hearing all your takeaways and your story! Thank you guys so much for joining us on this