Mini Moon African Turquoise Howlite Wrist Amulet

Mini Moon African Turquoise Howlite Wrist Amulet


Howlite is known as an “attunement stone”, aiding to relieve pain & stress. This stone is extremely beneficial at absorbing anger and encouraging emotional expression. It’s a calming stone, allowing for restful sleep and peaceful dreams.

African Turquoise, a form of Jasper, soothes emotional aggravation, fosters clear & positive expressions. As a 3rd eye activation stone, this stone inspires structure & acceptance of new ideas. Engulf your little one in the harmonizing aura of this duo to bring about positive emotional expression and deep peace.

Place this amulet around your babe’s wrist or ankle with immense love. Remove before bathing or swimming to ensure the metal bead lives long.

Turquoise & Howlite beads are 4mm in size

Options of metal accent bead come in Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled

*Amulets can stretch with wear, please be mindful as it can be a choking hazard for littles.

Sacredly Made To Order: Will ship within 1 week

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