Ceasing Duality Earrings

Ceasing Duality Earrings


Absolve the model or notion of who you were before change appeared. See this is an opportunity to step into a new state of being. Never ceasing, never ending.

Our Ceasing Duality Earrings in 14k gold fill include two 5-6mm conflict free 24k gold-plated wrapped Raw Rough Pink Diamonds encompassed in 14k gold fill hammered circles. Delicate chain ear threaders measure 82mm long. Sold as a pair.

Healing Power: Pink Diamond is a master healer known for its ability to unify the mind and body. It strengthens you when dealing with high-pressure situations, bringing a sense of radiance & loving energy that fills the emptiness with purity and Light

Sacredly Made To Order: Will ship within 1 week

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