About Jasmine


Jasmine defines her intuitional healing gifts as, “one who sparks in you, your own ability to heal your self”. She has always believed in elevating the teachings, not the teacher and has dedicated her personal path to empower you on your journey to regain your whole self back.

She has been able to uncover her life’s purpose through the wisdom of the Akashic Records and lives in constant awe of the healing that pours out of the Akasha for anyone willing to open themselves up to expanding their essences & aligning their desires.

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Jasmine has a true gift of interpreting the visions held in the Akashic Records with us here in the Earth realm. She delivers each message truthfully, honestly, + gently. The time I spent with Jasmine + our spirit guides was a dream-like experience. I felt as if a portal to the Divine opened up through her. Truth be told, on my way over to our session together I was feeling a little bit anxious, but the moment Jas welcomed me into the sacred space she had kindly prepared for us my nervous system calmed, and my heart was open to hearing and receiving the messages spirit wanted to share with me. Days after our session, I felt as if I had lived for hundreds of years...the wisdom + insight shared with me may have taken a lifetime to decode on my own. I am eternally grateful for the soul awakening I experienced during this Akashic Healing session...Jasmine is truly an angel among us.
— Kristen